It accommodates top or side finishing to the surrounding surface.

Non-Thermally Broken Perimeter Channel

The PC2110 Non-Thermally Broken Perimeter Channel fills the market need for a versatile aluminum channel system.
Stella Perimeter Channels avoid the use of time-extensive wet silicone sealing by providing dry-fitted glazing gaskets.
Removable glazing clips allow for easy installation of thick, heavy panels of glass, saving you labour costs.
The shelf brackets allow the glass to be stacked without transferring loads to the panel below.
Works from glass thicknesses from 10mm to a maximum of 21.5mm.
Perimeter channel is supplied in stock lengths of 12 feet, to be cut to fit on-site.

Main Advantages:

  1. Drainage holes for weather resistance.
  2. Glazing clips allow the glass to be positioned first then clipped into place for fast and easy installation.
  3. “T” junctions and slide and shelf brackets for neat, easy joint connections.
  4. Various gasket options accommodate a range of glass thicknesses (kerf seal gaskets allows in-plane movement of the glass in some situations).

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    Perimeter Channels