Beginning as a companion part to Stella’s structural glass walls, the labour-saving details of our perimeter channels have led to their popularity as a stand-alone glazing solution.

Non-Thermally Broken Perimeter Channel

Our PC2110 Perimeter Channel is non-thermally broken.

How Stella Perimeter Channels Reduce On-Site Labour Hours

  • Dry-fitted glazing gaskets – no waiting for wet silicone to cure
  • Glazing clips – glass is positioned first, then clipped in place
  • Easy connection – pieces slide into each other, then screw together
  • DIY or fully-fabricated package – Can be supplied in 12ft lengths to cut on site or we can take care of all the details – cut to length and pre-drilled with drainage and fixing holes, complete with all the connection hardware included
  • Ledge brackets – Optional inserted shelf brackets eliminate the need for spider fittings at wall edges and allow the glass to be stacked without transferring loads to the panel below

Notable Features

  • Clean joint connections at horizontal, vertical and corner junctions
  • Drainage slots for weather performance
  • Large gasket selection to accommodate varying glass thicknesses (kerf seal gaskets can also allow in plane movement of the glass)
  • Made of 6061-T6 aluminum – specifically sourced for T6’s hardness and structural strength
  • Large selection of finishes including mill, anodized (clear, black, bronze), two-coat Duranar paint matched to your sample, and brushed stainless steel cladding

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