Open and Transparent!

Manulife Place

Located in downtown Vancouver at 980 Howe Street, this all glass building focused on sustainability and energy efficiency while preserving transparency and a sense of openness. A simple, almost minimalist expression was achieved via the subtle layering of light colours and textures.

The glass canopy was unusual in its design because of the translucent nature of the selected glass and a 200mm upstand fascia on the outer edge. The unique fascia was made possible in a cost-effective manner with a custom modification to our Doc and Pin and its addition of a custom stand-off.

The welcome to the building was truly opened up by the all-glass vestibule. The enclosure made use of our adjustable Doc and Pin fittings with customized modifications for two and three-way connections to connect the roof to walls to cross beams. We offered assistance in the planning and implementation of the project as well as providing hardware.


Vancouver, BC


HDR Architects and Endall Elliot Associates


Glastech Glazing


Balustrade, Glass Enclosure