A one of a kind soundproof glass fin structural wall!

Kahanoff Centre

This space is home to a series of meeting rooms and a not-for-profit dance studio. To ensure all building residents were happy, the sound transfer between rooms needed to be strongly reduced making this a key design constraint. The dance studio floor and feature glass wall were designed to prevent sound transfer to other areas. This meant that the type of glass, supporting hardware, and support conditions had to be taken into account when designing this system. The result was the construction of a sound attenuating, back-to-back fin wall. Each wall had to be completely separated from the other in order to prevent any sound and vibration transfer. The gap between the fins, the space between concrete slabs, and other system components were critical factors in preventing sound waves from passing through the space. The installation method and material choices were critical factors.

Stella’s services provided for this project: Glazing System Design, Hardware Design, Shop Drawings, Glass Fabrication Drawings and Engineering. For more information about this project, check out it’s case study!


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