Stella's solution to make a 375 foot long glass roof curve like a wave!

YVR Arm Bracket

Welcoming all visitors at the Vancouver International Airport this 375 foot long glass roof that curves like a wave project needed a Stella custom design part to make it happen.

We designed the YVR Arm Bracket to have the following features:

Clamp Connection: We cut labour costs by creating a bracket that clamped to the HSS structure versus a more traditional connection that would have required each bracket be drilled and tapped to HSS in numerous locations.

Longer Arms: We extended the arms of our bracket to minimize glass deflection (the distance that a structural member (such as glass) displaces when under load. This is an important factor to consider in design to manage the stress in the glass). We also cut glass costs with the cost effective use of 12mm glass.

Adjustable Arms: The wave shape of the roof created a complex structure with steel beams curving in two directions and flat glass needing to follow those curves. Our bracket’s arms could be set at different positions to accommodate the different angles of roof beams and glass.

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