A 115 metre long glass roof that curves like a wave!

YVR Airport Canada Line Station Glass Roof

This 115 metre long glass roof is curved like a wave and was designed to welcome all visitors at the Vancouver International Airport. In order to accommodate the unique multi-directional curve, a custom arm bracket was created.

The hinges on the hardware provided flexibility when working with different angles of the roof beams and glass to give the structure its characteristic shape. Labour costs were reduced with the unique clamping system which attached to the steal beams. Installers were able to avoid drilling and tapping each individual connection to the support structure (which is the traditional method).

Not only did Stella focus on the hardware design but engineering design also played a big part in the process.


Vancouver, BC


Kasian Architecture


Glastech Glazing


Berkeley Engineering Ltd. & Layton Engineering


Canopy, Balustrade

Products & Systems Used: