Feedback from our glazing clients lead to the adaptation of our popular perimeter channel by providing a long leg on one side, typically located on the interior.

The Long Leg - Thermally Broken Perimeter Channel

Technically – this is part of our PC3710 thermally broken line but it’s a new innovation so we wanted to give it some spotlight!

Why the Long Leg? All the Features We Made For You

  • Easier Install – During a typical perimeter channel install, the glazing clips can fall into the channel requiring a second installer to be inside, propping up the clips. This product’s modified long leg stays in place, offering an easier install with fewer labour hours.
  • Stronger Weather Performance – Typical perimeter channels may have air leaking into the channel via the clip joint. This longer leg means no leakage through the horizontal joint on the glazing clip.
  • Option to Glaze Exclusively from Exterior – We continue to offer the side- and base-mounted options for our PC3710 perimeter channel series with this long leg variation offering another selection for thermally-broken perimeter channels. In addition to benefits outlined, this perimeter channel is suitable for situations where glazing is done from the exterior.
  • Handle with Care – During construction, the long leg will be fully or partially exposed with an increased potential to be bumped or damaged before glass is installed. Ensure to tell your site team to watch out for this.

Plus it includes all of Stella’s “standard” Perimeter Channel benefits…

  • Dry-Fit vs. Wet Silicone – Uses dry-fitted glazing gaskets for ease of install vs. time-extensive wet silicone
  • DIY or Fully-Fabricated Package – Can be supplied in 12ft lengths to cut on site or we can take care of all the details – pre-drilled with drainage and fixing holes with all the connection hardware
  • Glass is Supported at Edges with Shelf Brackets – Ledge brackets set into vertical perimeter channel support glass at the wall edges
  • Large Selection of Finishes to Match Your Project – Available in mill finish, anodized (clear, black, bronze), two-coat Duranar painted to match your paint sample, and brushed stainless steel cladding

  • Part Number:

    PC3710 - Long Leg

  • Category:

    Perimeter Channels