Stella's hardware solution for a curved glass effect application!

Medium-Duty Articulating Glass Bolt (Tapered-Face)​

Glaziers rely on this versatile articulating glass bolt for so many applications.
Its M16 support bolt is a “safe” choice for needed loading on most canopies (read: your engineer will be happy with this choice on most canopy applications!).

This glass bolt is not “locked in its ways”
The swivel head within our glass bolt has industry-leading rotation offering 7.5 degrees of articulation.
We promise you’ll be thankful for those extra few degrees when adding slope to your canopies or giving you room for site condition adjustments.

Speaking of unexpected surprises on the site…
We’ve all been on site where steel is not within tolerances so we’ve designed our articulating glass bolt to offer +/- 4mm [5/32”] adjustability to help you out with some of those headaches you encounter.

And…last but not least…
For those frustrating times when you find yourself without access from the back during install – our AB602T bolt is designed to accommodate a front-mount install as well.

There aren’t any surprises when you open our box either…
Our bolts are supplied with all the components you need – fibre gaskets and ferrule bushing. We can even send you our specialized install tool (a Stella pin spanner) if you don’t have one already.

Wait…tell me more about this front-mount install option…

Useful for situations where access from the back is not possible, the easy 4-step install process of a front-mounted bolt can save you install hours (& money!)

Step One – Fix the Stella bolt for glass to mounting structure.
Step Two – Remove the front cap of Stella bolt.
Step Three – Place the glass on Stella bolt.
Step Four – Secure the front cap of Stella bolt.
That’s it! You’re done!

Looking for something different than our standard brushed finish?
We can do that! Just ask!
Change the colour with Stella Spectrum – a HCC (hard ceramic coating) finish.
Gold and matte black are common requests.
We love our Spectrum finish as it’s a harder finish that better adheres to stainless steel, offers additional corrosion resistancy, and key to you – is budget and lead-time friendly.