Save some money if you don’t need all the loading requirements of our AB602’s M16 support bolt.

Light-Duty Articulating Glass Bolt (Tapered-Face)​ (HSS-Mount)

Save some money if you don’t need all the loading requirements of our AB602’s M16 support bolt.
With a tad smaller face on the outside of glass (50mm [2”]) and a M12 internal support bolt, our AB502 glass bolt will give you all the loading you need on your small to mid-sized glass panels on canopies, interior portioning walls, and even artwork (did we tell you about the time these glass bolts were used to support a 2 storey glass fish sculpture?).

Don’t take out word for it – check with your engineer.
Seriously…check with your engineer on all your projects (that’s the synopsis of our fine/legal print).

AB502 offers all the adjustability that you hope you won’t need on site but invariably do.
Rely on this bolt’s in/out adjustability of 6mm [1/4”] for those unexpected surprises in site tolerances.
Add slope to your canopies and just a bit more adjustments to your install with industry-leading 7.5 degrees of rotation in our bolt’s swivel head…we promise you’ll appreciate that extra articulation our bolt provides.

And…should you find yourself without any access to back during install, rest assured knowing that this glass bolt (like many of our products) can accommodate a front-mount install too.

When you order from Stella – you get the complete assembly.
This bolt comes supplied with fibre gaskets and ferrule bushing. No surprises.

Complete with Stella Nutsert to allow easy install onto HSS profiles
“Nutsert” is a Stella Innovation – a labour/cost-saving alternative to drilling and tapping and works well for thin-walled HSS (1/4” to ½” thick).
It functions like a rivet nut and forms a collar on the inside of the HSS.

Wait…tell me more about this front-mount install option…

Useful for situations where access from the back is not possible, the easy 4-step install process of a front-mounted bolt can save you install hours (& money!)

Step One – Fix the Stella bolt for glass to mounting structure.
Step Two – Remove the front cap of Stella bolt.
Step Three – Place the glass on Stella bolt.
Step Four – Secure the front cap of Stella bolt.
That’s it! You’re done!