Stella's hardware solution for a curved glass effect application!

Light-Duty Articulating Glass Bolt (Countersunk-Face)​

Stella’s light-duty countersunk-face articulating bolt is perfect for applications where the hardware is intended to disappear.
Stella’s countersunk bolt offers a smooth surface on the exterior of the glass.
For quick adjustability, there is a unique Allen key recess on top of the bolt head.

Use Articulating Bolts for More System Flex or a Curved Glass Effect. Articulating bolts reduce stresses in the glass by allowing up to 7.5 degrees of articulation. This also allows you to create sloping canopies, walls, and any application where the surface appears curved, made of flat pieces of glass.

Bigger Bolts for bigger glass!

The larger your glass panel, the bigger the supporting bolt you need. From 10mm single-glazed to much thicker double-glazed glass – we’ve got you covered. If your glass falls out of this range – we’ll customize a bolt for glass to fit your job.

Here’s some technical info for all the people that speak “glass”.
There are many changes we can make to our bolts in line with our “Stella Standard” to ensure our hardware is modified perfectly for your project’s exact needs.

  • Gasket Choices
    Fibre gaskets come standard with our bolts but our optional silicon gaskets can offer more flex and reduce stress on glass if needed.
  • Ferrule bushings (A non-metallic material placed into holes in the glass, it ensures that there is no direct contact between glass and steel. Also known as ferrules.)
    A proper fitting ferrule bushing reduces the risk of glass breakage. We take the extra step to provide ferrule bushings of the right length to match your glass thickness.
  • Choosing the right back-nut
    Back nuts hold the glass onto the structure. If the back nut is not visible, you could save money by selecting a simpler “hex” or “acorn” nut.

Spectrum Series Finishes!

Stella is always looking for new innovative ways to ensure that you have options for your projects. The Spectrum Series is a Hard Ceramic Coating that allows stainless steel hardware to be colour coated without the fear of chipping that alternative colour options usually have.

Stainless Steel coatings such as powder coating or paint are prone to chipping. This coating is much harder and has much better adhesion to stainless steel. This coating is also much thinner (0.75 umm – 1.0 umm thickness) which means threads stay operable even when coated.

Colours Options: Black, Gold, Silver/Grey, Rose Gold & Purple

Available Textures: Matte, Brushed, Polished/Mirror

Specialty Patterns: Designer or specialty patterns (camouflage for example) are available upon request. These options do cost more but may be able to achieve specialty patterns that are otherwise unavailable on Stainless Steel.