Looking for more info about our online Stella Shop before you sign up for a free account? 

First – you must be a glazing contractor to Shop Stella Online. 

Why only glaziers you might be asking?

All of the products in our shop require specialized skills to install.
While we love the idea of having more of Stella’s products out in the world, we want to ensure that they are installed correctly to keep safety top of mind.

Why sign up for an account on our brand new online store?

Member pricing for Glazing Contractors only!
Quicker to order & faster to receive!
Standardized sizing means most items leave our warehouse within 1 or 2 business days.

What’s in store for you?

Shop Stella Glass is our best-selling parts for canopies, balustrades and signage.
Think stand-offs, handrails, glass bolts, and doc and pins.

Need a more specific sneak peek of products you’ll be able to buy online?

Our best-selling adjustable doc & pin (a Stella original design) is there.
Plus our Tech handrails and Sheer handrails and most popular stand-offs…with more products arriving every month.
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Does everyone in my company need an account?

No. Each company will have one primary contact but we can add multiple team members to each company.
Each person would have their own login username and password but they’d also be able to see the big picture of all of your company’s past/present order with Stella Shop once logged-in. Just email us to set this up.

What if we don’t see what we want in Stella Shop?

Let us know what products you’d like to see online.
We’ll be expanding our online product range in the upcoming months based on your feedback.
Custom is still in our name…if you don’t see exactly what you want online – send us an email and we’ll create a custom or modified piece exactly the way you need it.

Ready to sign up for faster shipping dates and exclusive member pricing on our standard parts? 

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