A Stella original design concept!

Sheer Handrail Bracket (Wall-Mount)

Our most visually sheer handrail bracket in a sleek contemporary styling with curved L-shaped connection and round mounting base for easy attachment to drywall, concrete walls or wood walls.

A Stella original design concept means the bracket is made of high strength Duplex Stainless Steel. This offers guardrail loading capacities without bulky design and superior corrosion resistance for chlorinated and exterior environments.

Spectrum Series Finishes!

Stella is always looking for new an innovative ways to ensure that you have options for your projects. The Spectrum Series is a Hard Ceramic Coating that allows stainless steel hardware to be colour coated without the fear of chipping that alternative colour options usually have.

Stainless Steel coatings such as powder coating or paint are prone to chipping. This coating is much harder and has much better adhesion to stainless steel. This coating is also much thinner (0.75 umm – 1.0 umm thickness) which means threads stay operable even when coated.

Colours Options: Black, Gold, Silver/Grey, Rose Gold & Purple.

Available Textures: Matte, Brushed, Polished/Mirror.

Specialty Patterns: Designer or specialty patterns (camouflage for example) are available upon request. These options do cost more but may be able to achieve specialty patterns that are otherwise unavailable on Stainless Steel.