Smaller flange face allows posts as thin as 25 mm [1”] to be used!

Tech Handrail Bracket (Thin-walled HSS with Nutsert)

Designed to offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, the Stella Tech Handrail Bracket is also extremely user-friendly to install.

The Tech’s fixing fastener is concealed in the handrail bracket body to maintain its clean aesthetic.
This allows the handrail to be mounted and tightened easily during installation with install method hidden away once complete.
The removable hardware cap is screwed in place and secured with a set screw.

Colour outside the box.
This bracket’s colour can be changed with Stella Spectrum – a HCC finish upon request – gold and matte black are common requests.

This Tech Bracket is post-mounted.
Note: Handrails and handrail mounting screws are not supplied by Stella.