A Stella Original Design allowing the creation of facetted glass walls or balustrades!

Articulating Doc & Pin (Tapered-Face) (Double Connection)

The articulating Pin in this Stella’s original design allows the creation of facetted (A surface that appears curved, made of flat pieces of glass) glass walls or balustrades.

Stella’s light-duty, double connection Doc & Pin is an effective and easy solution for connecting two pieces of glass in the middle of an application (double doc and pins are essentially two single doc and pins mounted back to back through the support structure).

The tapered-face bolt is ideal for showcasing the hardware, once it’s mounted on the outside of the glass.

*One 12mm diameter Pin with one 50mm diameter Doc.

Useful for situation where access from the back is not possible, the 5-steps install process of a front-mounted bolt saves you time and money!

  1. Step One – Fix the Stella glass bolt to mounting structure.
  2. Step Two – Remove the front cap of Stella glass bolt.
  3. Step Three – Place the glass on Stella glass bolt.
  4. Step Four – Secure the front cap of Stella glass bolt.
  5. That’s it! You’re done!

Spectrum Series Finishes!

Stella is always looking for new an innovative ways to ensure that you have options for your projects. The Spectrum Series is a Hard Ceramic Coating that allows stainless steel hardware to be colour coated without the fear of chipping that alternative colour options usually have.

Stainless Steel coatings such as powder coating or paint are prone to chipping. This coating is much harder and has much better adhesion to stainless steel. This coating is also much thinner (0.75 umm – 1.0 umm thickness) which means threads stay operable even when coated.

Colours Options: Black, Gold, Silver/Grey, Rose Gold & Purple.

Available Textures: Matte, Brushed, Polished/Mirror.

Specialty Patterns: Designer or specialty patterns (camouflage for example) are available upon request. These options do cost more but may be able to achieve specialty patterns that are otherwise unavailable on Stainless Steel.