Superior loading capabilities to guardrail loads without a bulky design!

Sheer Handrail Bracket (Flat-Face) (Glass-Mount)

Like many of our new products, the Sheer design was driven by an architect’s request.

Aesthetically we were challenged to create the most slender support possible (while surpassing guard loading requirements) with no flange/flare at the connection point of the bracket.
The Sheer solves this design issue as it is cast using Duplex stainless steel, a material more than twice the strength of stainless steel.

Looking for something different than our standard brushed finish?
Change the colour with Stella Spectrum – a HCC finish upon request) – gold and matte black are common requests.

This Sheer Bracket is glass-mounted and has a flat face on the exterior of the glass.
Each set is supplied complete with gaskets, ferrule bushing, and front-mounted face plate (for glass-mounted applications).
Note: Handrails and handrail mounting screws are not supplied by Stella at this time.