Stella's hardware solution for decorative applications or thinner pieces of glass!

Fixed Mini-Stand-off​ (Flat-Face) (HSS-Mount)

Stella’s (front-mount) non-articulating bolt for mounting glass to HSS-applications with a smaller flat-face (only 38mm or 1 1/2” diameter) appropriate for decorative applications or thinner pieces of glass.

Complete with Stella Nutsert to allow easy install onto HSS profiles.

If the term “nutsert” is new to you It’s because It’s a Stella Innovation – a labour/cost-saving alternative to drilling and tapping and works well for thin-walled HSS (1/4” to ½” thick). It functions like a rivet-nut and forms a collar on the inside of the HSS.

Here’s some technical info for all the people that speak “glass”.
There are many changes we can make to our bolts in line with our “Stella Standard” to ensure our hardware is modified perfectly for your project’s exact needs.

Gasket Choices
Fibre gaskets come standard with our bolts but our optional silicon gaskets can offer more flex and reduce stress on glass if needed.
Ferrule bushings (A non-metallic material placed into holes in the glass, it ensures that there is no direct contact between glass and steel. Also known as ferrules.)
A proper fitting ferrule bushing reduces the risk of glass breakage. We take the extra step to provide ferrule bushings of the right length to match your glass thickness.
Choosing the right back-nut
Back nuts hold the glass onto the structure. If the back nut is not visible, you could save money by selecting a simpler “hex” or “acorn” nut.