Parkside Hotel & Spa

The design challenge was to create a calming spa-like oasis in the middle of the city via a green, lush glass atrium that maximizes the natural light.
Traditional curtain wall systems with their numerous support mullions were not an option as it was felt that they would confine the space.

This point-supported structural glass wall was constructed using Stella’s Spar System, complete with Stella spiders; this system uses the vertical structural beams as support and affixes arms (or “spars”) to extend the reach of support and minimize the vertical support columns.
The use of the Stella Spar System allows uninterrupted glazing sections to be 6m wide thus maximizing the natural light through the atrium; the simple support structure keeps the focus on the plants and nature outdoors.

Project photos courtesy of The Hulbert Group.


Victoria, BC


The Hulbert Group


Phoenix Glass


Structural Glass Wall Systems