New Stella Hire Brings Sales, Service, and a Keen Eye for Detail

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That’s the motto that Karim Al-Tabba lives by as someone who has spent their career working in design and luxury goods. 

Stella Glass Hardware’s newest colleague has joined the Business Development team for Western Canada and the US. 

Karim has studied both architecture engineering and interior design which makes him uniquely suited to be part of the Stella team. He has spent time in both Ontario and British Columbia, and now calls BC home. 

“I love the beauty here on the West Coast, it’s such a wonderful place to live. I barely survived the cold winters in Ottawa as someone coming from a warmer climate!”

Karim spent the last four years working one on one with clients in the luxury home furnishings market. He loves the challenge of working on a project from start to finish and making sure that every small detail is taken care of. 

Introducing Karim Al-Tabba

Introducing Karim Al-Tabba, Business Development team for Western Canada and the US.

What made Karim decide to join the Stella Glass Hardware team?

“I love how personalized the service is at Stella, and the high-end touch that they have with their customers. When I first met Roy, (President of Stella Glass), his passion for the business came through straight away. He knows these products inside and outside and it’s always great to be part of an energized team,” said Karim. 

“When I learned about the 20-year history of Stella and the reputation they had in the industry with glaziers and architects, I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I am looking forward to meeting more people in the glass hardware industry and helping our clients get the customized parts they need.”  

When Karim is not busy working on his business relationships, he is socializing with friends and exploring new places around Vancouver – walking around Whytecliff Park, or looking for new places to charge his EV while he explores. He’s a true foodie and is always on the lookout for a new fusion restaurant. 

Karim is known for his positive attitude and how well he connects with his customers. He is someone who “gets” his clients right away and has a unique talent for connecting with others. 

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